• 1.Install Skype
    Begin by obtaining Skype, a free video communication service that anyone can easily use.
  • 2.Register for Free Trial Lessons
    Sign up for an account by entering details such as your email address and nickname.
  • 3.Reserve a Free Trial Lesson
    Select a teacher who matches your interests and learning goals, and reserve a lesson with them.
  • 4.Enjoy Your Lesson
    When it's time for your lesson, the teacher will contact you by Skype. Relax and enjoy the lesson.
  • 5.Apply to Continue (Optional)
    If you are satisfied with the trial lesson and are interested in continuing, please sign up for the monthly fee plan.

You may receive up to 2 free trial lessons.

One lesson lasts 25 minutes.
You may receive free lessons as long as they fall within the 29 points allotted when you register (Each instructor has point value set to take a lesson from them.)
One 10-point lesson and one 18-point lesson (total 28 points)
Two 10-point lessons (total 20 points)

In a free trial lesson, the first 5 minutes or so are used to check the student's level, and it will be followed by content based on the student's level and requests.
Course material will be provided by the teacher for free either on the web or as a PDF file during the lesson. Alternatively, the instructor may not use such materials and instead teach by typing into the chat box.

1. Install Skype

At Spanish Online, we use Skype, a free video communication service that anyone can easily use.
(For a detailed explanation on Skype, please refer to this site.)
Please download the latest version from here in advance, and also obtain a Skype name.
To use Skype, you will need a computer, webcam, and a headset (headphone and microphone).

If you are using a computer with an internal camera and microphone, you will only need a headphone. You can receive lessons without a webcam, but it would be more effective to use one because the teacher can observe your expressions to determine whether you are following the lesson.
If there are any issues, please feel free to contact us.

2.Register for Free Trial Lessons

Click the button below and register an account.

Register for a FREE Trial Lesson

After filling out the required details on the registration page, click the "Free Registration" button and you will be sent an automated email to verify your registration.
Once you click the URL contained in the automated email message, registration is complete.
If you are using free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail, messages from Spanish Online might appear in the "Spam Folder," so please check this folder if you do not receive a verification message after you register.

3.Reserve a Free Trial Lesson

After completing registration by clicking on the URL inside the automatic email message, log in by entering your login information at the top left of the screen.
There are two ways to make a reservation.

1.Select by instructor
After logging in, if you select the "Teacher Information" tab at the top of the page, you can view teacher introductions containing their profile and a video.
At the bottom of each instructor's section, you will find a link to their schedule.
You can also go to each instructor's schedule by first going to the "Lesson Reservation" tab and selecting today's (or another day's) schedule, then clicking on the instructor's photo.
If you select an "OPEN" time slot, you will proceed to the reservation page.

2. Select by date
After logging in, if you select the "Lesson Reservation" tab at the top of the page, the day's lesson schedule will be displayed.
By clicking on the calendar dates, you can display the lesson schedule for a different date.
If you select an "OPEN" time slot, you will proceed to the reservation page.

4. Enjoy Your Lesson

  • 1. After reserving a slot but before your scheduled lesson, you will receive a contact request on Skype from your teacher, so please click on "Add to Contact List."
  • 2. Please have Skype open at least 10 minutes before the lesson is to start.
    If you have not received a contact request from your teacher 5 minutes before your lesson, please send a contact request to your teacher's Skype account. 
    * You can find the teacher's Skype name in the reservation confirmation e-mail that is automatically sent to you after reserving a slot.
  • 3.The teacher will call you, so please click the "Video Call" button and the lesson will begin.
    * On rare occasions, the teacher may be unable to call you due to connection issues. If you do not receive a call by the time the lesson is due to start, please attempt to call your teacher yourself.
  • 4.By clicking on the chat box display button, as shown in red in the image video, you can chat while communicating with video.
  • 5.The lesson will end approximately 25 minutes (50 minutes for 2 consecutive lessons) after its start time.
  • 6.After the lesson has ended, you can rate your lesson from the "Reservation Status" menu.

5. Continue Learning with Us

You can buy lesson credits in Payment menu to continue learning with Spanish Online.


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